Brock Skips Barack

Brock Skips Barack

Brock Osweiler skipped his chance to go to the White House today, after being a key part to the Denver Bronco’s Super Bowl run. Now of course he is catching a ton of flack for missing out on what one ex-player and White House visitor himself is calling, a chance of a lifetime. However all the hard feelings between Brock and the Broncos aside. I like this move by Brock himself. As a Patriots fan it is hard to like anything this guy does, after he took an overtime W against us, later playing the biggest part in New England not going to the Super Bowl, because of. If New England were to win that game, they would have had home field advantage and probably beat Denver, at home. But that is a whole other opinion. Back to Brock though, he is entering the last week of organized team activities until training camp starts. This is the last time he will be together with the core of his offense for a couple of weeks, to me this is a move of a true leader. He is showing the team that was willing to pay him the money and take the chance on him, that he is all in. He is showing, that was last year, it will always be remember as Peyton’s Super Bowl however you look at it, that his dire focus is in Houston.¬†I don’t think this has anything to do with him being bitter against Denver. Although I am sure the feeling is there, and that is a driving factor for him wanting to win every game this year. This is more of a leader, saying, I’m here now, this is my focus, winning here is my focus. So I applaud Brock for this, he knows this is a what have you done for me lately, league. He is leaving last year in the past and is determine to show everyone, he is no fluke and he will be an elite QB in this league. Now will he? That will to be determined next year. In a league where we have seen the likes of the Johnny Manziel, Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, first round, over paid, quarterbacks; I like where his head is at.

Mamba Out


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Last night was a bitter sweet night for a lot of basketball fans. Kobe Bryant’s swan song finally came to an end. Although he went out with a bang, scoring 60 points in his final game, it still just didn’t feel right. I could be alone on this, but there was just something off in watching Kobe play last night. It was almost as if it was just, pass him the ball and let him shoot. And I get it, thats been the M.O. his whole career basically. But last night was different, it was sad to see him go out on such a pitiful Lakers team. He deserved at least one last playoff run right?

This Laker team looked like a bunch of kids from the YMCA league, drooling over every move Kobe made. Guys who were just happy to be there basically. It was so sorry, I can’t even begin to explain. With the exception of D’Angelo Russell, even after the man code he broke, is there anyone on that Lakers team that actually belongs on the same bench, let alone the same floor as Kobe Bryant? I know the 60 point night, will mask just how badly Kobe’s last season actually was. But as Ocho Cinco used to say, “Child Please”. That season was a debacle and I am glad it is over, and Kobe got his final tour, and his final salutes goodbye from each city. But the man deserved better then that people!!! Last night was sad, happy, so many different emotions all at once, for someone who watch Kobe growing up their whole life. From the second they understood what basketball was, to their latter adult life stages. Kobe has been apart of all of those years for us basketball fans. It was sad to see him have to go out on such an abdominal last year. So I guess it’s a good thing it is over, for Kobe’s sake, as he can now take the next step in his illustrate life and enjoy the finer things. I still think my feelings are in a ball, tumbling around when I am writing this pointless piece, of, I don’t even think you can call it literature. But I had to voice my frustration and sadness somewhere. I am still not sure why I am even trying to say. Maybe it is just because I can’t stand some of the Lakers players, it’s a disgrace to the game that they got to take that front seat ride, on Kobe’s last season. It probably is just jealousy that they got to sit on the bus, the plane, the bench, in the locker room with Kobe. They could have given him better, for his last year. Now the Lakers will fade away into irrelevancy, as their future looks darker than ever. That is a whole different issue however that we will touch on a different day. Now it is on to the playoffs, as we won’t have Kobe in them. We salute Kobe Bean Bryant, thank you for all the memories!

Basketball will miss one of the greatest to ever play the game. I sure as heck will and I know I am speaking for a large majority of the demographic when I say that.


This is the first of many columns on this site. Blogging comes a dime a dozen these days. Everyone is doing it. In fact sooner than later it is going to become a thing of the past. Soon video blogs will take over everything and writing will be extinct. I kind of like this idea, that formal writing will become, extinct. I’ve never been a very good writer at all to be honest. I always thought I was, but in all sincerity, my grammatical skills stink! However I have always had a mindful of great ideas. The thing is my mind works to fast, to write. Ideas fire off left and right. I get so excited that I have never been able to bottle them up into a halfway decent paragraph. Let alone blog post or column. But it is time, I finally strived to become better at something, I have always enjoyed. I am going to try blogging. I am going to create a site that caters to anything, and everything. To be straight forward with you, right now, I am high. Maybe even a little drunk off the 10 dollar Malbec I was drinking tonight. But I am serious about this blog. I am going to devote 100 percent of my best ideas into this site. And I hope you will enjoy and contribute, whether it be negative or positive. Everyone has the right to their opinion. One day I will take this blog into a column, which then I will turn into a best seller, then possibly even a TV show. Because I am done with the 9 to 5 grind. I am done working for someone else. I want to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it. So I hope you will take this journey with me and enjoy it as much as I am going to. But who knows, maybe this will be the only post, that I ever post? But here on March 31st, January 2016, I am making a change and I ask you to do the same with me. Stop doing what is expected, and do what makes you HAPPY! To many people fall into the social norms and expectations. They go on living out their current 9 to 5 grind, stuck in the same rut and routines on a day to day basis. 365 days out of the year. Lets make a pledge to change that and hopefully if I do anything, I can inspire you to be as naive as me. Why did you ever give up on that dream in the first place? Bills? Taxes? Why are we born to work? Pay taxes on land, that whose to say they own it? It’s a matter of control, and we need to break out of that! I am sure I have probably lost you by now, but if not, well then good for you. You’re a genius. Just kidding, you’re probably just a little crazy, because I know I am. But who isn’t? Anyways. Now I am just rambling, I figure this might as well be a memorable first post. So I am happy to be here, and I am happy you are reading. If anyone is. Thank you and welcome aboard, to the best time of your life! Fugazeee!!!!!

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