Tom Brady Got What He Deserved.


Photo Cred: Fox News

Tom Brady got everything he deserved last Sunday night. It wasn’t how he would have seen it happening. But lets be honest this story book season, was going to end any other way, than historic. That is exactly what happened, Sunday Night was not only historic. It was much more than that. It was the greatest Super Bowl in 51 years, hands down.

Tom Brady is a guy who did it right, he did it all right. He was the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. He wasn’t your A typical #1 draft pick quarterback, you know the ones who hardly ever pan out amongst all the hype. Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russel, Johnny Football, you know how good all those guys careers panned out. He never got in trouble with the law, he never got arrested. I don’t recall any photos of him in the club. He’s done nothing but be a not only model quarterback, but a model citizen as well. Sure it’s funny to talk about how he eats avocado ice cream and goes to bed at 8:30 every night. But he does those things, because that’s how much he cares about his job. He believes that helps his body stay healthy, mobile and elastic at 39 years young. The guy eats, sleeps, and breaths football. A guy, that is everything people should root for. He is the Rudy, who made it. He is the underdog, the guy who wasn’t supposed to make it. He wasn’t the biggest, the fastest, or the strongest. He wasn’t even an after thought to many NFL scouts, 6 guys got looks before he did. None exsist in the NFL anymore, and only one really made a home on any team. He is the class act that does everything right

What has he gotten for this? He has gotten shit on by the league. Roger Goodell is a giant piece of crap. He is probably sitting his sorry, ginger ass, in his room crying himself to sleep. Anyone who dislikes Tom Brady (Other than my Buffalo Bills fans, they have a right) is a sorry loser, who doesn’t know football. However, if you are a Brady hater, all I can say is sorry, must suck to be you. Believe me I live in Buffalo, I live around a bunch of Patriot haters. I watched the Super Bowl with them all and as they will all tell you know, they too are sorry. Because I know you were one of the 99% of Americans who probably sat there and just ran your mouth. Chirped chirped like a little baby bird, all for about 3 quarters. Until just like I saw at my Super Bowl party and the same type of people, who just chirped me all 3 quarters long. It was with a blink of the eye, after White scored that touchdown, in the 4th quarter. Where I saw the looks on all their faces quickly change. Then came that look, that Buffalo fans know all to well. That oh sh*t, here he comes, here comes 4th quarter Tommy Brady. Tommy Brady as Tom Sr called him today in an article about and I quote, “meathead Roger Goodell”, to the Boston Herald, that you can read for yourself here. May I take this moment to say, Mr. Brady, you couldn’t have spoken for Patriot Nation better today, thank you for saying everything we wanted to say! Before I get to far off topic, let me get back to what I was saying. You haters had to sit there and watch, the greatest come back off all time. All the laughs and chuckles and stupid Tom Brady jokes, quickly evaporated into thin are, quicker than the Falcons fake fan base could disappear.

Photo Cred: CBSSports 

But this isn’t about me or Patriots Nation, although we had a lot of fun. This is about the vindication of Tommy Brady. People tried to call him a cheater, a cry baby. Hate, Hate, Hate. Well you can stick all that up your you know where now. Because that all went out the window in Super Bowl 51, as he calmly sat there, and orchestrated the largest, most electrifying Super Bowl come back in NFL history. He is now the greatest ever and there is absolutely no debate about it anymore. He has the most Super Bowl titles out of all NFL quarterbacks, of all time. To top it all off, he was the only quarterback to have to do this, with a little thing called, free agency. I’m not even going to waste my team researching how many different receivers he’s had to use in his career. You probably wouldn’t even recognize half their names anyways. With James White’s overtime touchdown, it all got put to bed. I don’t ever want to hear anyone try to tell me Tom Brady isn’t the greatest ever. Guess what sucker, he has 5 Super Bowl rings, name one other quarterback that has that many. You can’t, there isn’t, only one, the GOAT, greatest of all time. TOM BRADY.

The best part about all of this? You and Roger Goodell had to sit there and soak it all in, right there next to Mohammed Sanu. You all thought you were going to put 40 on them, huh? You thought you were going to do the greatest ever like that Roger!! You loser, you idiot, you as Jordan Spieth would call you, “scum”. I ask how does it feel, how does it feel to look like a donkey, in front of the whole sports world? You lost, face it, you might have abused your power, to double jeopardy Tommy Brady, and try him twice for the same crime. And lets be real the second ruling wasn’t, Tom Brady is guilty. The second ruling says, which all you idiots, never got through your thick heads was, Roger Goodell, as the NFLPA agreement states, in the spark notes terms (can suspend whoever he wants, for whatever he wants).You lost Roger, Tommy is on top of the NFL world and all you can do is sit there and watch, you loser. Tom Brady, 6th round pick to 5 time champion and first ballot hall of famer guaranteed.

Oh and Roger…. We’ll see you next September, in Foxboro, for the regular season opener. Hope you enjoy watching number 5 get raised.


Tom Brady Wins 5th Super Bowl, Doesn’t forget to tip.


Tom Brady hoist his record setting fifth Lombardi Trophy. (Photo Courtesy of AP)

What a guy Tom Brady is. Just a real class act. Hours after winning his record setting 5th Super Bowl Champion. Brady skipped the team chartered flight back to Boston, and caught a ride in a much more fashionable way. The way you would imagine a 5 time Super Bowl Champ, 4 time Super Bowl MVP, starting quarterback who is married to a Victoria Secrets Angel, would travel. He hitched a ride back to Boston on the Under Armour Force One, as TMZ reported. The famous all black LearJet made famous when we saw Jordan Speith hoping on it after winning his first green jacket.


I am still coming down of what started as the worst emotional ride ever and ending as one of the best nights of my life and I believe I speak for the entire Patriots Nation. All which happened within 30 minutes.

However when I saw this article it just showed me more of what I already knew. Tom Brady is a class act 24/7 no matter if the camera is on or not. After Tom was all class in handling that scum bag Roger Goodell, with nothing but class and respect. When Brady should have laughed in Goodell’s fat, dumb face. When he should have called out the NFL and their Bogus deflate gate crap, which Tom dismantled and of that last night. TMZ caught Brady  getting off the private charter. Before hoping in the car and sneaking away, which he very much could have done. Brady took the time, to tip the airport lot boys himself. He literally dug through his own wallet, using his own hands, to make sure the kids got a tip. What a tip it was too, by the looks of the wad of $20 bills the kid made off with. Could have been at least $100. When you are a 5 time Super Bowl Champion, you do not to do any tipping. You have someone do the tipping for you. Unless you are super down to earth, normal human being and extreme class act, Tom Brady. By the looks of the photos, Tom even took the time to talk to the kid, not just hand him the money and blow him off. The Modern Family kid look alike, obviously will never forget this day. Tom Brady on the other hand will. But that is besides the point. The point is Tom could have been a stuck up mega star that he is and blow these measly little lot boys off. But once again he shows us why he is not only the greatest quarterback to play the game, but the greatest human being of all time. There is no argument anymore, don’t even come at me with any bullshit about why he isn’t the greatest. 5 Super Bowls, never been done before, enough said, end of story. TB12 the Goat!!!!

Malcom Butler Has Always Been A Big Game Player


Let us not forget. Malcom Butler didn’t have just one BIG play in Super Bowl 49. I mean don’t get me wrong, he made the biggest play of that game. But that wasn’t his only play.

Getting ready for this Sunday, I have made it a point to rewatch ever New England Super Bowl win NFL Network decides to show this week. Right now I am watching 49. Malcom Butler had a huge game. He played well the entire game, not just that final play. If you watch the game again you will Butler make play after play. There is even a real eerie  foreshadowing moment at the beginning of the game. Chris Collinsworth, whom I can stand. Has Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks balls so deep in his mouth the entire game. But he is babbling on about some prior “Super Bowl Hero” and as soon as the word “hero” leaves his mouth the camera pans to a close up of Malcom Butler. This is in the first couple minutes of the game. Creepy. But none the less, Malcom Butler was on the route to one of his best games ever.

And since that game we all know the rest of the story. His stock has absolutely sky rocketed. He has now made his mark as one of the most premier cornerbacks in the league. So going into Super Bowl 51 and Malcom Butlers second time on the big stage. He should be primed and ready to go. I have complete faith in him to shut down Julio Jones. Why shouldn’t I? He has proved himself nothing but clutch in the big game and he knows this is his time to shine. His time to prove he isn’t just a one hit wonder. His time to prove that the kid from the University of West Alabama, is now one of the best corners to play the game.


Re-live the great moment at below!

Brady’s Real Reason For Revenge



As we all know, Roger Goodell, is a coward. That’s not all he is, but I am taking the Patriot way and just leaving it at that.

However there has been all this talk about Goodall having to hand Brady the trophy. Yes. That would be amazing, I agree. But the best part is that if the Patriots complete the job this weekend and win Super Bowl 51. Brady and Belichick would not only just make history with a win this Sunday. The would make something happen that hasn’t happened in, 752 days(give or take some). That would mean old Roger boy would have to finally return to Foxboro. Correct me if I am wrong but the Super Bowl champion always open’s the next season, with a game at home, on prime time. Not only will this game feature the raising of New Englands 5th banner (if they win(Im superstitious) ) but it would have to feature the commissioner of the league. Right? I mean certainly, Roger would have to make an appearance. There would be no other games to hide at on this day. He would have to make the appearance, or it’s apparent he’s not fit for the job. Although any sensible person knows, Goodell is not fit for the job. Roger Goodell

So if the Patriots do what they are supposed to do, and win. Which I 100% expect them to do. But I pray that I see Goodell hand over that Lombardi trophy to the greatest of all time. Thomas Brady. Yes I will thoroughly enjoy that moment. I will go Facebook Live and snapchat it to everyone in the world or my contacts. I will relish the moment the most, because I know. Come that first or second Wednesday next September. That donkey Goodell will have to trek his sorry a$$ down to Foxboro. Just to pucker up his fat, dumb lips and kiss the whole New England Patriot organization, right on the right butt cheek.

Sorry Tommy, please have the game of you life this Sunday and bring home number 5. Because there is nothing we need more than to see that Jacka$$ Goodell, look like even more of an idiot. You alone can make this dream a reality.

Obama’s Daughter Not at Farewell Speech

Sasha Obama watches a folk dance by performers during her visit at the City Wall, in Xi'an
Photo Credit: Unknown


Now this one just blows my mind. I was never a very good at school and believe I hold the (unofficial) record for most school days missed in New York State history. So maybe that’s why I wouldn’t be able to wrap my head around this one. But as everyone knows tonight was Obama’s farewell speech, which was held in Chicago. Which has to be a what a 30 minute flight on Air Force 1? As thousands of people lined up and braved the Chicago cold at the mere chance of getting a shitty seat at the speech, where I’m not even sure they had concessions at! Not even able to get a measly Bud Light, or should I say Old Milwaukee before listen to BO give his farewell address. There was one noticeable absentee from the speech. That was his own daughter Sasha. No where to be found. Now as at the Boston Globe has reported, they were notified by White House personnel, that Sasha hung back in Washington D.C. because she had an exam early the next day. Wait a minute, what? I mean your dad is the President of the United States, you can’t get a pass on your exam to see one of your fathers lasts speeches, after 8 years! Now listen I don’t blame her if she simply didn’t want to go, I wouldn’t blame you. I am sure night after night of speeches can get annoying. But thats not my beef here, it’s not with Sasha, its with the Pres’s public relations staff. You have a personal 747 at your disposer, your father is giving one of his last speeches as President. And you’re worried about an exam? I mean it’s not even midterms or finals we are talking about here. We are talking about a measly Wednesday pop quiz for crying out loud. You seriously want me to believe thats why your not there? I mean come on I may be dumb, but I wasn’t born last night!

More importantly why are you even worried about an exam anyways? Your dad is the PRESIDENT, you are going to get into any school you want regardless of your grades. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, take your pick and you are in kid. Something isn’t right here. This for some reason reminds me of that movie with Sinbad, where he was a secret service agent and the kid was always trying to sneak away. I’m putting the house on Sasha getting caught sneaking out and getting grounded or something. Maybe she is a 15 year old rebelling against having to grow up in the public eye for 8 years. Whatever it is, come on someone on that white house staff which gets paid very well, to come up with lies to keep the American public at bay, couldn’t come up with something more believable? Maybe they are checked out too. Like oh it must be that one of the 10 offices on the 747 Air Force 1 wasn’t available for Sasha to study in, or maybe the jet engines would break her concentration because they are too loud. I’m not sure what the real reason was, I mean for crying out loud just tell me she was sick, that would have been more believable. Just a day after Knicks all-star guard Derek Rose went MIA, Sasha Obama goes MIA. Derek Rose is Sasha Obama, Sasha Obama is Derek Rose!!  Finkel is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkel….

Barstool Idol is a complete snooze fest.


Listen, let me get this out of the way immediately. I love Barstool, it’s why I started writing this horrible blog page I created. I’m the furthest thing from a writer, I suck at it, I can barely read myself. But, like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” and his Red Ryder paper he wrote for his 3rd grade assignment. I have a dreams of granger, that El Presidente or the Big Cat will see one of my sh*tty posts, love it and offer me a job on the spot. I have a better chance of sleeping with Lena Dunham, and we all know she doesn’t like real men. But the fact that one of the 5 remaining contestants is going to get that job, makes me sick to my stomach. I mean who picked these guys? They just sent the only reason worth tuning in (the hot girl) home. We are left with 5 melodramatic contestants. 2 fat guys, one Connor McGreggor look alike, one ginger and really the only contestant who brings some content. A Bills fan who will throw all caution to the wind and do anything asked, to get the hell out of Buffalo. Just like any other person who is unfortunate enough to have to call Buffalo home. I mean really what does a Bills Mafia member have left to lose? We certainly know it’s not respect or dignity, they already lost that a long time ago! I really don’t even know how any of these guys made it this far? With the marketing geniuses they have at that place and the brilliant master mind behind it all Portnoy, you would have expected better contestants than this. They should have put intern Tex in the show, because he is the clear winner. To top it all off, the contest have been subpar themselves. I mean game 7 of the world series, watching along with the Barstool Facebook live, I felt like I was in the office with the guys.  Last nights live stream was pathetic, do these contestants even like sports? I think the one fat one is just trying to get more views for his stand up career. Which I don’t get because he barely talks. He hasn’t even told one funny joke. The best that could come of this contest, is that they all get fired and no one wins. Yeah whatever I’m a hater, I’m drinking a tall glass of haterade with extra  ice. But chances are if anyone is calling me a hater, it means this post actually got seen. That is content. Focker out.


Marcellus Wiley just compared the Odell Beckham, boatgate  situation, to one of his college experiences…. Now if that isn’t the furthest thing from relevant already, just wait it gets better. Another ESPN dumpster fire of a show, on top of every other show they put out there. Other than the SVP show, thats the only show I will watch on that network. Sports Nation, god awful, how is it still even on?? Regardless Marcellus, defending OBJ, no surprise there, went on to babble about how is best game in college came after “my best night of college.” Went on to give us way TMI by saying, “I scored more that night before, then there was scoring in the game.” Now I lived in Buffalo, when Marcellus was with the Bills, and I knew a couple girls at my high school, that had claimed to have relations with Marcellus, but that’s for another post. Now before I get to off topic I must say it was a great game for Marcellus, a couple forced fumbles, an INT, and even a TD for the big man. Here’s the real shocker. The game was again…. yup you guessed it, Yale. LMAO. I mean come on if this was the national championship or again one of the power houses back then like the U or FSU, even the Mick Vick lead Hookies. I would give this guy some sort of credit. But he did this against Yale, I didn’t even realized Yale had a lacrosse team, let alone a division one football program. Come on Marcellus and more importantly come on ESPN. How does a show producer even think this is good content? Like literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard spewed out by anyone on TV. Listen, I get it, my writing is no good. If you ask me I am better on camera. But it makes me wondering what I got to do to get on ESPN! Because having common sense isn’t one of the requirements apparently.

Now I will be blogging more about the OBJ and Boatgate saga for sure. It’s just too good not to, especially being a Patriots die hard, and having the Giants rip generations of my families hearts out. My family grew up in Buffalo as die hard Bills fans, so I am sick of the Giants, to say the least. That being said I will take any opportunity I can to take a shot at them! But by no means did the Miami trip effect OBJ or the Giants play on Sunday, they were just simply out matched by the red hot Packers, and the brother of the Bachelorette winner Jordan Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers QBing. But don’t act surprised, especially living in the media capital of the world NYC, when the media gets on you. This is what we live for, us bums sitting on the couch, typing away at a computer, it’s great content. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. If you are going to be cocky enough to wear furry timbs and jeans on a boat in Miami, when its 80 degrees out (I was in Miami that week and it was in the low 70s but still..) Then be prepared to take the heat from the media when you lose. Like come on your not stupid OBJ, you knew the consequences, so be a man, say you f$cked up and move on. But crying and punching walls after, only gives arm chair quarterbacks like myself and blogs who gain 1000 times more views then I get, great CONTENT. So keep it coming, because it gives me something to write about while I sit here and eat doughnuts before the National Championship game. It gives me even more joy, that this debacle is happing to the Giants too.


Photo cred: @CryingJordan